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Let’s stop playing small


I love this quote by Nelson Mandela.  There is such a great temptation in life to just play small and tell ourselves that we don’t deserve to chase our dreams and live the way we have always dreamed.

It is a great reminder to myself that I get to make choices each day to either lead me towards the life I want or to keep me stuck where I have always been.

This journey is what led me on my path to homeschool my children and stop running all over town signing them up for 3 different sports and activities; a piece.   I’m not saying that is wrong for anyone, I just came to know that it did not feel good to me.  I began thinking about how I would love for a weeknight or weekend to go and how it would feel and what it would include.  As we had these discussions as a family we realized we love hiking together, staying in our pajamas until noon sometimes, and having a big breakfast together.  We learned that we did not love splitting up in 3 different directions on a Saturday and fighting traffic and crowded parking lots.

Sometimes it is easier to know what we do not want than it is to know what we do want.  If that is the case for you start there, and work backwards.

I hope you ask yourself this question today “What do I want my life to feel like every day?”

Because you deserve to have it feel beautiful, fulfilled, challenging, exciting and fun.


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