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Process Stitching

I have struggled with finding the right ‘term’ to label this.  I go around and around with it and I keep coming back to the fact that the PROCESS is what makes the making so enjoyable. keepadding

There is that part of creating a new project where you take someone else’s instructions and you follow them and you know exactly what you are going to get at the end.  Then there is the type of creating where you really sit and do it to enjoy the process and you love the doing.processpieces

I will use a quilt I am working on currently as an example.  When I sit down to sew I am not just sewing.  I am thinking, processing, feeling the softness of the fabric and carefully chosing out what patterns I love and cutting the pieces to fit my favorite parts.  I’m not concerned with the outcome at this point.  I’m loving the chance to take small pieces of different fabrics and turn them into a large creation that I love.  I challenge you to try it.  Try it in any form that you enjoy.  Have a rough idea in your mind or in a sketch of the finished product but don’t be so hooked on how it has to end that you don’t enjoy what is happening ALONG THE WAY.  Listen to yourself.  Create intuitively.  enjoy the process.  littlepiecestogether

I guarantee you that when you wholly enjoy the process of creation you will always be happy with your finished product in one way or another.  When you look at that piece you will think of what you learned or thought about during it’s creation.  You will remember that each piece had meaning and purpose to you.  You will love it that much more because it has you in it.  Maybe you will get to the end and you will say ‘that was so much fun now I’m going to change it into something even better’.  That’s ok too!  It’s all part of the PROCESS.  Life is a process and we are a work in progress.  It makes sense to me then that this comes out in all that I do.puttingpiecestogetherThis is an example of how I look for similar length pieces to begin to put them all together.  Then I just keep adding.   When I get to the larger pieces there is some slicing to get things to fit together but that’s part of the fun!  Whatever I slice off I use for adding to another block.

This quilt which I named my ‘She Did it Anyway quilt’ was born of emotion.  shediditanyway

As I worked through the deepest parts of these emotions in my soul I made a word with fabric.  I didn’t use a pattern because a pattern could not have walked me through those emotions.  The creative process is what worked me through each of those emotions at that time in my life.  words

Whatever I create in my future this quilt will always be one of my precious creations.  I will always remember that time in my life and the emotions I was working through [which or course many of them come back around in life which I why I keep creating}!nameback

For the back of this quilt I sewed my name and the year.  This was such an emotional project that I really wanted to sign and date it just like a huge canvas or book I had written.  I think it is so important to put yourself into your art in whatever form you work in.  I hope you do, and I hope you love the process!



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