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How do you hold a moonbeam in your hands?


A lot of people are quite familiar with the story of Maria VonTrapp.  Perhaps you have seen the musical, or the movie, or heard the music.  Chances are you know and love the Maria who thought she would be a nun but instead who fell in love with Captain VonTrapp {but mostly}  his seven children.

As I recently became reaquainted with this story I found myself fascinated with the whole of Maria’s life.  I believe her true courage came when she and her husband took their family on tour and chose to leave their home land and then settle in the United States of America.  I learned about WHO she really was and what she did and the example she was to her children.  Her story is the story of an overcomer.  The VonTrapp family is beloved becuase they triumphed above so many circumstances that they could have stayed stuck in.  Maria was not a perfect person and isn’t that refreshing to know as well?  She was imperfect and she did her best and she took care of her 10 children with willpower and never gave up.


It also made me think about how this is so much what a life really is — we are not just one small part of our story or one great thing that we chose or accomplished.  Who we are is a combination of all of our life experiences, choices, accomplishments, failures, loves, and lessons learned.  We are also not only our weaknesses but are the whole of our strengths and weaknesses.  This gave me a great perspective — and has made me feel so empowered to believe in all that is still going to come into my life and all the possibilities of the future.  I’m so thankful for what I have learned up to this point in my life and I feel grateful that I get to contine forward with what I know now.  Life is an amazing, instructive journey.  We have so many choices about how we want to move forward, just like Maria did.  I’m inspired by her to choose good things and to never give up.  I hope you are as well!


I hope that someday my story will be worthy of being told in spite of my shortcomings and faults.  I hope that my story will be told because I never gave up and I kept showing love every chance I could!


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