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Get in the Messy


boywithgrandpaIt’s ok to do the messy things.  Life is messy.  family is messy.  Last week we wrapped up a family reunion for my immediate family.  I am one of eight children and my parents have 26 grandchildren with 2 more on the way.  The family reunion was big and messy and tiring and hard work.  By messy I mean that it took a ton of coordination and flexibility and paper plates and dishes and candy wrappers and trash bags and dirty socks and dirty swim towels and over-tired, crabby children.  We used band aids and brought junk back to Grandma and Grandpa’s house from Garage Sale Wars that they did not want or need.  {Like this bucket of golf balls}


It was also one of the best experiences my family will have this entire year.  We made irreplacable memories, we laughed, we cried, we gave each other grace, we had a visit from a storm trooper, and we loved each other.  It was AWESOME!familureuniongroup2016

I know when you mention the words ‘ family reunion’ a lot of people get the idea that you are in for a miserable experience.  When we were at costco buying all the food we had some comments about that.  The thing is, if you approach it with the understanding that the entire reason we are getting together is to create good memories and because we LOVE each other it makes a big difference!  We are not getting together to compare, show off, or tell each other how to live.  Is it a huge, tiring effort by all involved?  Yes.  Is there a cost involved?  Yes, there always is with everything in life.  Is it worth it?  YES.


I see it a lot like doing paint, glitter, and play dough with your children.  Sure, life can be “easier” if you ban those things from your house because they make life messy.  But LOOK WHAT YOU WOULD BE MISSING OUT ON if you banned those things from your life!


Messy is ok.  Messy is real and it is fun and we learn from it.  It takes effort and it is supposed to, that’s the way it was designed.  It’s also beautiful, fun, colorful, exploratory, creative, exciting, and creates great memories.  When life is in the messy parts let’s try to enoy what comes out of it istead of worrying so much about what we might have to clean up.  Families make messes, art makes messes, and living life full makes messes.  But I’m going to be ok with the messy because I love families, art and living life on purpose.  I hope you do too!


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