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Don’t look for the Easy Button

You know what I’m talking about, right?  That EASY button we’ve all seen on ads that sounds deceptively dreamy.  The one that promises that if you just had a magic button so that someone else could do all of the work for you that life would be all grand parties, ice cream cones, no exercise, no dirty laundry, and endless bliss.

The more I work through the daily tasks of life that take time, energy, money the more I realize that indeed there is much we learn in the doing.  I’ll give you an example.  This week I have spent time pulling the grass out of my flower beds and restoring them back to flower beds.  While I was pulling up the plants that I do want to keep there and sifting through the root balls to get the grass roots out and then re-planting the flowers that I do love I began thinking about all of it a little bit more.


Isn’t this how life is?  It would have been a lot easier for me to dig the entire section out with a skid steere, remove everything and start from the beginning.  It would also cost me a small fourtune which I do not have to spend on flower beds ( or any other project I dream of when on pinterest for that matter).  And the plants that I already have are mature plants that produce A LOT of beautiful blooms.  I have spent years collecting the diverse plants and some are quite hard to find.  So I’ve been sitting out there digging through, sorting out what needs to go so that what stays is unencumbered by something competing for light and water and care.

I’m wanting to be consistently mindful about sorting myself.  What if we all spent time each day, week, month, year sorting out what has somehow taken root in us that doesn’t have a place there?  Are there things in your life that are competing with your soul for light, nourishment, and love?  I’m not suggesting that you call it all a loss and start over – there is too much invested and so much value.  I am suggesting some weeding out.  Maybe all you can do is pull one things at a time that doesn’t fit there.  Each time you remove something that dosen’t belong you make more room for your soul to bloom and grow.


There is not an ‘easy’ button for this type of sorting in life.  No one else can do it in your life because they have their life to sort.  And even if you could use the easy button and have someone else do it they would remove things that you still need or want becuase they don’t know your heart and soul inside deep down like you do.  Or maybe they would leave too much.

sheffie water

When you get to the end you spent some time in the sun, remembered again the beauty around you, and had a chance to reminisce on all the time, seasons, and experiences that led you to this point.  It feels good to have the dirt on your hands, knowing that you nurtured and restored things back to where they can again grow with their full potential.

No easy button needed, after all.


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