Soul Restoration 6 week Evening Course

In this soulful 6 week, 24 hour course we will spend time getting to know our deep soul selves better and practice listening to our inner voice.  We will spend time restoring back to who we really are and always have been.  We will support and love one another on this great journey.
I know that you will love every second of this and I know that you will be so happy with the time you spent connecting with your soul and other good women.
We will meet every Friday night from 6:00 – 10:00 pm beginning on Friday, January 6th and running through Friday February 10th.  Cost is $695 for the 6 week course.  Join my email list for upcoming discount and coupons!
Please email me right away emily@bebravelovelife if you are interested so I can get you signed up and have your personalized curriculum ready for you.
I’m so excited to see you soon !