Decision Maker for Teens


In this fun class for girls age 13 to 17 you will make a book with questions to help you in making the very best decisions for your own precious life. You will learn about how to listen to your own soul speaking truth to you about what feels right and good for you individually.

We sometimes forget how many choices we make in a day. Our power is in our choices.
In this enlightening and life enriching course, we will learn extremely effective tools for making decisions in our lives, both big and small through asking ourselves a series of questions that help us get to the root of what we really want.
We will be creating beautiful, creative tools to take home and use on a daily basis. We will create a personal and artsy small book, each page with a decision making question and the affirmation that goes with it.

You will have the opportunity to meet new friends in a safe, enjoyable environment. Lunch will be served and all needed supplies will be provided.

We will meet together in person in beautiful Franktown, CO at The Pikes Peak Grange from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. You may arrive as early as 9:45 am and we will concluded promptly at 4:00 pm. Please arrange transportation accordingly. All supplies and lunch will be provided.

girl happy at campStill have Questions?

What if I don’t know anyone else who is coming?

Sometimes doing something by ourselvse is the very best and most scary thing we do.  For the optimal experience, I recommend that you come by yourself. It is not against any rules to come with someone! In fact, many girls do come with a friend, sister, cousin, etc. We truly believe that you will have a wonderful experience either way.

What if I have food allergies?

We can definitely feed you if you have food allergies or intolerances!   If you need a special menu, just let us know and we’ll make sure that your meals are delicious and lovely so that you can experience pampering just like anyone else.

Do I have to be into art to come to a Be Brave Love Life workshop? 

No, you most certainly do not have to be an artist to come to any Brave Life events!   I have specifically designed this project to be for ALL SKILL LEVELS. There is always someone available to answer all your questions and give you one-on-one instruction if needed.  So even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, BE BRAVE – this workshop is for you!

What Brave Girls Club curriculum will you be teaching?  Will we be doing anything else?  

Emily will be teaching an exclusive module written and created by Melody Ross entitled ‘Decision Maker’.  In addition Emily will teach you many art techniques and life skills for communication, having boundaires with friendships, and being true to yourself.

How do I get signed up? 

Click HERE to get Registered

How much does this cost?  

Fee:  $250


  • A Nutritious homemade meal, snacks, and beverages
  • Decision Maker curriculum from Brave Girls Club
  • A beautiful mini book designed exclusively by Emily Smith and created by you!
  • A large array of art supplies for you to play with and use in your book
  • A Be Brave Love Life Camp journal/sketchbook (for thoughts and ideas)
  • Teaching of many art techniques and creative play ideas
  • The opportunity to create new friendships and learn about friendship boundaries.