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What I’ve learned about Bravely Asking

Have you ever wanted to ask for something so badly but you were afraid to?  Did you wish later that you would have asked?

I’m probably that type of person that is ALWAYS asking.  Sometimes I’ve wondered if I ask for too much.   I always say  ‘Well, you never know unless you ask’.

I’ll tell you about some of the amazing experiences that have come from asking.  3 May - 21 May 2014 6101 3 May - 21 May 2014 6147 2014-10-27 10.03.33


My children have been learning about and riding horses and ponies for almost two years now because I had the crazy idea to stop at a local barn and see if we could do a homeschool program with them.  A kind man took a chance on us and allowed us to start showing up to muck stalls and volunteer in exchange for a barn education.  It has been such a wonderful experience and has brought some great people in  our life.

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This past year two of my daughters pitched a program to local floral departments to donate to their flower shop at our Thomas Jefferson Commonwealth School.  It was a pretty bold thing to ask for; weekly flower donations for an entire school year.


We talked to 4 stores and one of them loved the idea of community outreach.  This program has been life altering for my daughters and  a growing experience for all of us.  We have forged friendships with people we would have never known.  So many beautiful things have happened through the continued giving of the flowers throughout the year.   They had the opportunity to arrange flowers for a funeral that would have otherwise had none due to lack of funds, and so many more miracles have happened.

DSC_0126So many impactful experiences have happened in my life because I dared to ask for them.   What will you dare to ask for ?

DSC_0502I hope you will ask for what your heart desires; opportunities that will lift you up and make you want to rise even higher.  Ask for love and kindness and the chance to learn something new.  Ask someone to take a chance on you because you are worth it!