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Sometimes life feels heavy.  Sometimes it gets weary.  Do you feel like you are carrying around some heavy buckets filled with a lot of things that hurt and hold you back and make life overwhelming?


What if we can remember that we do not need to carry around everything?  Carrying so much around makes us hurt and ache.  It makes us weary.  It makes life so very tiring.  It’s ok to set things down and keep walking.  It’s ok to look towards light and love, grace and hope and joy.

I have wasted so much time in my life carrying around things that I was just sure were going to eventually have a great resolution that would leave me feeling better about it.  I have found more peace in realizing that the one moment of ultimate resolution I was waiting for may never happen and that I should not build my life and reltationships around that one moment.  There has been so much more love, joy, and hope in my life since I have been able to set down some of my heavy buckets.  My shoulders were tired and aching and my heart was so heavy it had to break into a million pieces to allow light in again.  Life can always get better.  So much better.  Let’s stop carrying so much around.  Let’s look for light and love and other things that are a joy to carry with us.



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Be Real

Hello my brave friends.  Today I’m here to tell you how much people love you when you show up real.


I mean very real.  A woman I had only met a few times before in passing came to my home a few months ago.  This was a visit to talk about each of our homeschooling experiences and for our children to play.  Now I should tell you that at my house we are in it ALL DAY LONG and we really LIVE here.  We clean once a day, after dinner and put the house to bed in good shape.  If you catch us in the afternoon, though, that is NOT what you will see.  That is what is was like when this friend of mine came by.  We were in the midst of a very active day of shcool and home play.  There was a very large crate of blocks scattered on the floor right in front of the entry way.   What I did not know that day but have since learned is that for her to come to my home and walk in and see it the way it really is in the middle of a real day made her feel like she could be herself with me.

Isn’t that amazing?  I could have been shamed to have her see my home for the first time in a less than pinterest worthy way.  But I just said  ‘Hello, come on it, we are having a really fun day’!  And she knew I was being real and honest and open and that she could be that way with me too.  She knew that I wasn’t expecting perfection from her because I know we aren’t perfect and that life is a work in progress.  Something beautiful happened that first time we got to sit and talk.  We talked about real things and our real struggles and victories and the result?  We have become real friends.

Don’t misunderstand me here… I’m not saying that we shouldn’t put forth our best efforts and take care of our homes and spaces.  What I am saying is that we all have homes because we LIVE in them and it’s ok to use them as a tool to live in like they were made for.  Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in thinking that our homes have to be magazine worthy at all times in order for us to be worthy and that is just not true.

I promise you that when you are that wonderful, loving, real, fun person that you truly are people will love you for it.  Not all people, but the right people.   And it will feel so good.