About Me




I am a mother to 8 beautiful children and I love all things creative. I love people and I have been blessed throughout my life to be surrounded by the very best kind.  I am drawn to bright colors, polka dots, folk music, antiques, sunshine, dirt roads, rodeos,  and twinkling lights.  I work in many creative mediums such as quilting, painting, watercolor, embroidery, writing, photography, memory keeping, leathercraft,  and picking through garage sales.

I’ve walked through a few intense and painful struggles in my life and I am here to share about the journey, the joy, the healing and the love.

At a critical point in my journey I connected with Brave Girls Club and have become a Certified Soul Restoration Instructor.  I love teaching this curriculum and hope you will come see what it is all about!


photos by Calli Hobbs Photography